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Inhaltsangabe zu "Jetzt reicht's aber!" (2006)

"Blind Spots in the Bible: Puzzles and Paradoxes That We Tend to Avoid"

Aus der offiziellen Ankündigung:

"Why did Jesus weep at Lazarus' tomb when he knew that his friend was about to be raised from the dead? Why was it all right for Zaccheus to give away half of his money while the rich young man had to lose everything? And what about that extraordinary bit in Genesis about angels marrying the daughters of men? "Adrian Plass" looks into over 40 'blind spots' in the Bible, opening up the questions and, although not giving easy answers, helping us to venture into some of the places in the Bible which we may otherwise choose to avoid. His honest approach invites readers to examine their own response to difficult passages and explore how we can usefully interpret them to build up our faith."

Daniel Schlunk (<a href="http://www.daniel-schlunk.de" title="Link zum Blog von Daniel Schlunk">www.daniel-schlunk.de</a>) hat dankenswerterweise ein Bibelstellenregister für die englische Version zusammengestellt, das man hier herunterladen kann:<br />
<a href="bibelstellenregister_blind_spots.pdf" title="Bibelstellenregister zu Blind Spots in the Bible">Bibelstellenregister zu Blind Spots in the Bible</a>

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